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By purchasing any product or service from this webpage you, the customer, deal with Blue Sky Music Publishing and agree to the following:

Part I - Download
Music that is purchased online (download purchase) will not be refunded once being downloaded. The customer agrees that he cannot claim any refund.
Download products are for private use only. Remastering, rerecording, remixing, licensing, sub-licensing, publishing, forwarding, or any other kind of distribution or usage than for private issues is strictly prohibited.
Public Performance has to be announced to Teosto or any other Performance Royalty Organisation in your country.

Part II - Physical Products
Physical products can be returned within 14 days after signing a contract (exception: DVD-Videos and physical CDs, which cannot be returned). All physical products are shipped free of charge. In case of returning physical products, Blue Sky Music Publishing does not take over any freight costs. The product has to be originally packed and must be free of damages, in other words: in the same original condition.

Part III - Licensing
The license of the music is prohibited, but possible. If your intention is to license music, we refer to the terms on this webpage.

Part IV - Concert Tickets
Concert Tickets being bought from the webpage cannot be withdrawn and will not be refunded.

Part V - Videos
Youtube Videos of Marian Holy may be embedded on your websites, as long as the video doesn't show up on sites with pornografic or violent content and (!) as long as the administrator of the Youtube video is BSMPSUOMI. We'd appreciate a short note of it ( All other kind of videos may not be embedded or used for any purposes without permission.

Part VI - Newsletter
The unsubscription of the newsletter must be in a written form to

Part VI - Privacy Statement
BSMP will never give your data to any other entities! BSMP stores your data in a way as it is necessary for BSMP to effect the business.

If you have questions don't hesitate to ask from